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T is for To Be Read

My TBR list is too large. Titanic sized. Tremendously big.

At present, my TBR pile has about 70 books. This includes the books on my kindle, a few ARCs and a couple of books from the library.

The ARCs have to take precedence, of course . (Sadly, I started a book not from the ARC list yesterday. I am bad.)

70 books is overwhelmingly large. Before I got my kindle, my TBR list did not get this large. In fact, it was as large as the number of books I could fit into one library bag or on top of my table. Half the table; I need space for the computer and notebooks and speakers and various other stuff.

Having a kindle means I have more unread books now than ever before. Once, I tried to decrease it by reading only from the TBR list. I pretended I didn’t have a library card, pretended the kindle had no way to download books with one click (maybe two clicks).

It worked, but not for long. I only managed to decrease the TBR list by a handful of books. Now it’s back and bigger than ever.

It’s a little intimidating. Also, joyful. 😉

37 thoughts on “T is for To Be Read

  1. I don’t know how I’ll read all of the books I have here at home. Some of them I’ve had since college nearly 40 years ago and still haven’t read them. Acquiring more books seems rather senseless at this point in time.

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  2. I have money set aside to buy a kindle and keep on putting it off. I got all my grandchildren Kindles for Christmas and they’re reading like crazy which makes me happy. But i’m just holding on to my big ole book shelf filled with books that I can’t seem to let go of.

  3. My TBR list is huge too. With books of friends and tons of recommendations, I just keep compiling them. Thankfully I can’t afford to buy anything and have to get them from the library. That keeps my urge to book hoard to a minimum!

  4. My TBR is out of control….and it’s worse than ever since I’m writing WAY more than I’m reading. LOL!

  5. I haven’t counted up all the books I have to read – I keep different lists, and they never meet. I have had a book I borrowed from a friend before Christmas, so that should take precedence, but it probably won’t – and I’m shopping today, which means I’ll stop off at the bookshop, where I have a loyalty card, which means it’s in my best interests to buy something 🙂

  6. You’ve got a lot of TBR books, hope you find a way to get through them without acquiring too many more first. We’re having work done in the house so need to pack up all the books, maybe if I leave out the ones needing reading my pile won’t look so daunting with the rest hidden so more likely to be read.

  7. I tend to do the same thing, and I remember trying to keep a list of some books I had downloaded on my iPod touch when I had to reinstall, and decided I’d forget the list, because I’d find the books again and I already have too much to do. Much better when I did that, the list is now down to a more manageable…where’s my list?

    Hmm, I seem to have forgotten it altogether… o.o I’m sure I’ll find it somewhere at some point..or many somewheres at some points as I am very disorganized, and have more to do lists than I know what to do with…wait…was that a pun? >.<'

  8. My TBR pile is often at the library waiting to be picked up…I love putting books on hold and sometimes they are come in at once and I just can’t read them all in the time frame. Then there is the speed read at the libary and I can’t finish it in 7 days the fines are heafty.
    Good to know I have friends in the world of reading!

    visiting from the A to Z challenge.

  9. I stopped counting the books on my TBR pile (which also includes books I want to go back and reread at some point). It includes books my mom has passed on to me, books to read with my children, books from the library, books I get at library sales, books I borrow from friends, books I buy, Kindle books I buy, Nook books (I often check their Free Friday specials to see if it’s something interesting) . . . And I don’t actually have a Kindle or a Nook. I use their apps on my computer. I used to use them on my iPod touch as well, but I had to restore the software, and the newer versions of the apps won’t load on it.

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