A to Z Challenge Reflection Post

Another A to Z challenge done! It went okay. I did every single letter, on time. Well, sometimes I pushed that, but I usually made it. I only brainstormed the first few letters, so 3/4 of the challenge was done on the fly. I did that last year, too, but with slightly more planning; I… Continue reading A to Z Challenge Reflection Post


Z is for Zombies

The zombie is the second creepiest icon of horror. Just witness: It’s the whole shambling walk and rotting body parts thing. And fingers and toes crawling on their own. And that skeletal grin. I can’t watch without being seriously creeped out. I just can’t. At least if you chop off vampire’s hand, the hand won’t… Continue reading Z is for Zombies


Y is for Yucky Scenes

merriam-webster defines yucky as: adjective \ˈyə-kē\ : causing discomfort, disgust, or a strong feeling of dislike : unpleasant and disgusting : having an unpleasant feeling in your stomach : somewhat sick What scenes in a book did you read and go: This is disgusting. I think probably most books have a few scenes that are… Continue reading Y is for Yucky Scenes

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X is for Xris Cyborg

While searching my WordWeb dictionary for a word starting with X. I didn’t find anything I could use. Why there are so few words starting with X? But than I recalled a character whose name started with X: Xris Cyborg.  Xris Cyborg is the cyborg leader of a mercenary group called Mag Force 7. There… Continue reading X is for Xris Cyborg


W is for Weird

I had a Twitter conversation today where it occurred to me that sometimes it is possible for a book to be too creative. A book about weird things, a book that involves things that are not familiar to the reader will not be as successful as a book that does involve the familiar. It’s not… Continue reading W is for Weird


V is for Verse in Books

I don’t often encounter verse in the books I read. There may have been more poems in the books I read as a child; I don’t really remember. The first one that stayed with me, the first poem I really liked in a novel, was in high school. The novel was Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey.… Continue reading V is for Verse in Books

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This flash was inspired by the letter U! She pondered the picture. It showed a lady, dead from drowning. She knew that face. She glanced over her shoulder at the rest of her class; they wandered the room, looking up at the photographs on the wall. Her teacher was across the room, with most of… Continue reading Undead