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G is for Get Moving

Thanks for the Helen for the post title! LOL

So I chose Get Moving as the title post because that’s what I need to do. Not all for the writing, but for this blog as well. I really ought to have written this post this morning or even yesterday and just scheduled it.

So . . . I have submitted just 1 story this year so far and it’s already April. Really, I should have submitted at least 2 or 3 others already. I haven’t. I am trying to submit 1 new story per month and I’ve only managed January so far. I can submit it elsewhere, but that hardly counts. It is only 1 story.

I couldn’t submit in February and March, well, I had other stuff going on and then I was focused on the novel work in progress. Which is finished. That last push was useful.

The next few weeks I am going to focus on writing a handful of short stories. I can do that, since the WiP is done and I need a break from novel-writing anyway. I have had one in the works for weeks (weeks! weeks!) now and I really need to Get Moving on that.

Plus, figuring out ideas for a couple more stories and finding magazines to submit to. I mean, the stories won’t write or submit themselves. I want to meet my New Year’s Goal of publishing a few stories this year and at this rate I am not going to.

What do you need to Get Moving on?