O is for OneNote

Story notes are important. You get more and more of them as the story progresses. Also, sometimes I just need to look up how tall your MC’s mother is and I rarely remember that type of thing offhand and searching through the WiP is so so so annoying.

So for that there is OneNote. OneNote is my favorite program for keeping notes.

Looks like someone took class notes with OneNote.

I can’t write the WiP on it and you don’t know how much that frustrates me. I want to note-take and write in the same space. Which is not to say that OneNote doesn’t have a word processing thing – you can use it as a word-processor. But trying to write a story in it just annoys me.

But it is perfect for keep tracking of all the story elements – characters, magical creatures, magic, ranks and so and so forth. I think it would be pretty good for keeping track for normal project-type researching, too.

When you cope and paste something from the web, it automatically writes down the web address, too. OneNote doesn’t force you into a particular format, either, like word. (Yes, word’s frequent formatting issues irritate me.) You can write or draw or do whatever you, wherever you want it. It’s almost like a real notebook. Only digital.

It’s perfect for use on tablet pc (a real tablet, not of those iPad-ish things) but I have it on my desktop. You could probably write directly on it; it allows handwriting recognition. If I had one of those tablet pcs, I am pretty sure I would use it a lot more than I do.

So . . . how do you keep track of the all your story notes?