On Genre and Shelving

This week I went to a library that did not have a separate science fiction shelf. (Or a 657ipiseparate mystery shelf.)  Instead the library put science fiction sticker on the spine and shelved the books in alphabetical order by last name.

I was displeased by this arrangement. I wanted all the science fiction books in one place so I could look at them all at once. I didn’t want to wander through half the library looking for science fiction/fantasy books.

I suppose if I had time to look through all the shelves and was willing to be distracted by interesting covers, it would have been excellent arrangement. But I didn’t have much time, I just wanted a quick look at their science fiction/fantasy selection and see if something looked good.

I may go back if I have a few hours to spare. And can I say how odd it was to see literary classics and science fiction books on the same shelf. Which may have been the point.

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T is for To Be Read

My TBR list is too large. Titanic sized. Tremendously big.

At present, my TBR pile has about 70 books. This includes the books on my kindle, a few ARCs and a couple of books from the library.

The ARCs have to take precedence, of course . (Sadly, I started a book not from the ARC list yesterday. I am bad.)

70 books is overwhelmingly large. Before I got my kindle, my TBR list did not get this large. In fact, it was as large as the number of books I could fit into one library bag or on top of my table. Half the table; I need space for the computer and notebooks and speakers and various other stuff.

Having a kindle means I have more unread books now than ever before. Once, I tried to decrease it by reading only from the TBR list. I pretended I didn’t have a library card, pretended the kindle had no way to download books with one click (maybe two clicks).

It worked, but not for long. I only managed to decrease the TBR list by a handful of books. Now it’s back and bigger than ever.

It’s a little intimidating. Also, joyful. 😉

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27 Loans Kills Library’s HarperCollins eBooks

A month back, HarperCollin released this letter.

It basically states that as far as ebooks and libraries go, HarperCollins will only allow 26 loans. They have some absurd idea that physical books only last for 26 loans and after that, they are so damaged the library is forced to buy a new copy. Not true!

Mass market paperback, the cheapest binding possible, do not die at the 27th loan.  Hardcovers surely don’t either!

If they did, my childhood mss would have fallen apart a long time ago. The pages are yellowed and there is the odd stain, but the pages have not fallen out. You may be sure I read and reread my favorites far more than 26 times!

Even if physical books were prone to such damage, so what? The near perpetual lifetime of ebooks is one of their attractions.

I could understand their canceling the library’s license to a book after 500 loans (or five years, whichever comes first) but 26? That just makes no sense.

I don’t know. Maybe they are trying to make the library to buy their physical books and avoid their ebooks. But that seems a little out there.

Why are they doing this?

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Lending Kindle Books

I have just today found out there are sites to lend kindle books. Amazon started allowing one time lending for  two weeks books a while back and I supposed I should have expected various lending websites and groups to pop up.

A quick Google turned up two websites. Probably, if I searched for a longer time, I would find more.

1) They limit you to two requests at a time. Pretty sure you need to post some books to lend first, too. Sadly, most of mine are not lendable. 😦

2) This website does not appear to have a request limit.

3) Bookreads is a social networking site for readers and there is a kindle book lending group. It’s less organized than the websites, but it should be good, too. People post whatever books they have to lend, post requests for books they want and maybe have them granted. It’s more manual than the websites, but probably works.

On lendle, I requested an issue of Apex magazine and got it pretty damn fast. Far faster than I was expecting. It’s not a magazine I’ve read before and I am looking forward to it.