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I am Sonia Lal. For me, this is a little bit like a notebook, a place to put various stories (short and otherwise!). Also, a place for me hold forth on books I am reading or have read and other related topics. Also, a place to talk about whatever problems I might have with my writing.

Please  note, I am no longer accepting books for review.


21 thoughts on “About Me/Contact Me

  1. Hi, I’m Alisha from Black Nailed Reviews!

    You went on my Blog Hop and I came to see your blog….WOW! It is beautiful. I love the little wispy of color and everything is so clean and neat and tidy and colorful and organized and well-written and…AMAZING! I wanted to tell you personally. WOW! Just…wow! Love it! I added your blog to my blog list:) Keep up the awesome new work and now you have a new follower:D

    Peace and Fangs,

  2. Thanks so much! It took me awhile to come up with the perfect background. Love your site, too, especially the name. LOL

  3. I found your blog through the Magical Urban Fantasy Reads Bookluvr’s Review Club and I have to say your blog is so pretty! I love all the bright colors.

    1. Thanks! Pretty sure I discovered the background picture and right this moment, I really don’t remember where. I have folder of pretty pretty pictures and I save them from lots of places. I did use it to make the header on the computer.

  4. I like your writing agenda. I’m working on a similar motivational, productivity oriented outlet. I do love what you did with the colorful smoke. I just ran across similar pics yesterday on Dreamstime.com. I used a black smoke for a poem I wrote. When I saw your colorful smoke, I was intrigued. Nicely done!

  5. Hi Sonia,
    Today’s my first time here. I really liked your series on the Dust Devils.
    Reading the story immediately took my mind to Eragon (the movie).
    Consider developing the story into a novel. (That’s a thought)

    Thanks for setting up this blog. Your stories are great.

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