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Write 1, Sub 1 Challenge: first story

Today I am starting the first story for the Write 1, Sub 1 challenge. The photo prompt is by CupcakeKiller on deviantART. I wrote 165 words on it today and I think this first part is done.

I have some idea of where I am going with it, just need to consider the end in more detail. A romance would be too obvious, and I am not going there.

I really like the girl’s name: Laash. I found this Indian name that means dance, Laasya, and I realized if I replaced the y with an h, it looks almost like lash. Like how dance lashes her into action. I liked the idea of it.

Laash danced, sand flying beneath her feet. The ocean pounded the beach and she followed its beat. She twirled, spun and twisted.

Be as graceful as the sea wolves, her instructor said. Their grace and beauty is flawless.   

This dance needed to be perfect. She had the lead in tomorrow’s drama. She couldn’t practice in the dance hall; the other girls chattered too much. The prince would be there! Everyone would be there. If she was good enough, maybe the prince would give her an assignation. All her dreams would come true.

Laash stopped, bent over, panting. Small waves washed over her feet and cooled her over-heated body.

She laughed, tiny shrieks of joy that faded into the night. Laash gripped the turquoise pendant around her throat. She didn’t know what the starfire pattern meant, but she didn’t care. It was all she had left of her mother.

If the woman knew Laash could have the prince, would her mother regret abandoning her?


8 thoughts on “Write 1, Sub 1 Challenge: first story

  1. The name sounds perfect for the world you seem to have the story set. And please avoid the romance! Well, a bit of romance is good, but making the story about the romance is, to me anyway, rather “meh.” Lovely beginning with a hook.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog–and hurray to you for putting your work out into the world.

    1. I am done with it, the girl gets what’s she is looking for. Kind of. It’s not quite in the form she wants, but I don’t like the ending, so I never did anything with it.

  2. I can see you are on the road to much success. Captivating. Laash is the perfect name for her.

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