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This post is a little weird. It comes at the end of a spectacularly shitty week. At first I wasn’t even going to write one, but it is Friday evening and I thought why not? It’s mostly incomplete sentences and almost random images. It is a little strange and a new thing for me to do.  I am not sure it works.

Arms raised. Turn. Turn the other way. Look up. Look down.
Gentle fingers probe a soft, flabby stomach, move up to bare, sagging breasts.
Avoid the large protrusion on the bottom left joint. Wipe off yellow pus and red blood.
Get up, dress in a hospital gown and clutch the back with one hand. Lie down on a hospital bed. Get wheeled to a room.
Smell disinfectant. Finger is pricked. Swallow pills. Watch blood fill three little tubes.
Sign forms. Dress again in normal clothes. Leave.

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Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

I got Half a King by Joe Abercrombie from NetGalley. There are some errors in the copy, but it’s an ARC and they’ll probably be fixed by time it’s published. I found out that Half a King was a YA novel only a few chapters into the book. The main character is young, but I… Continue reading Half a King by Joe Abercrombie

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Pilfering Youth

Tell me what you think about this story? Is it confusing? Eyebrows arched high, blue eyes wide and carefully made up to hide the first signs of wrinkles, Ashara posed in front of the crowd. Colorful fabric streamed behind her, a parody of the flags ringing the stadium. Cameras flashed, but the applause was polite.… Continue reading Pilfering Youth

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L is for Lies

A couple years ago, while randomly browsing the internet, Iran across this title: Telling Lies for Fun and Profit by Lawrence Block. (His books are good.) It’s a book on writing and the title got me thinking. I never picked up the book, but the title stuck in my head. A story is made up,… Continue reading L is for Lies

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Friday Flash: Red Sun

“Boss, boss, wait up!” She continued walking, heels clicking on the sidewalk. Squeak ran to catch up. “C’mon. Don’t be like that. I only meant you should -” She stopped and whirled on him. “I will not now or ever offer my blood to any sanguisuge. I’ll hear no more of this, do you understand,… Continue reading Friday Flash: Red Sun

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Friday Flash: Escape

This isn’t quite what I hoped it would be, but it’s done now. 🙂   City lights gleamed in the distance. They were pinpricks of   life, of hope. He automatically searched out the building with the spire made of stacked metal gargoyle skulls. Even obscured by wet and fog, it was beautiful. His family lived… Continue reading Friday Flash: Escape

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Friday Flash: The Goglet

Helen provided a prompt: write a 100 word story using the words cylinder, goglet and liberate. I managed to use all three words, but I am afraid I could not quite figure out how to turn it into a 100 word story. 😦 The goglet took shape under her careful, gnarled fingers. The thick cylinder… Continue reading Friday Flash: The Goglet