Friday Flash: Trains

Best wishes for Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day!!! She looked gorgeous and so did her maid of honor (the maid of honor wore white!!! :o).

As an image prompt, I was tempted to choose Westminster Abbey or maybe Buckingham Palace in honor of the wedding and pretending like I was there. But I saw this wonderful, daydream-inducing image on wiki commons and went with that instead.

Thick black smoke poured from the train’s smokestacks. I shivered in my skirts and watched the rotary snowplow race away. Its red body was bright against the clean white snow.

My sister would be glad to be here, I imagined. Glad to be away from the dirty streets of the city. That filth was no place for a child, especially her illness prone boy. The clean, bracing air would be good for him. I prayed this delay wasn’t too hard on him.

An hour later, the tracks were clear. My sister’s train roared in. Joyfully, I went to meet her.