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Friday Flash: A Girl and her Horse(s)

This is the image prompt (by zemotion on deviantart) I used for today’s Friday flash. It is a 100 words. Last Friday, someone called this a drabble and before that, I wasn’t aware it had another name. 😮

I had a lot of trouble with this. Rewrote it three times so it makes sense and is 100 words. Not sure I succeeded with the make sense part.

I slowed Sheena’s headlong rush, coming to my senses at last. She couldn’t run like this, not on a night this blustery. The wind was icy enough to cool even my anger. I bit my lip.
I’d said so many hurtful things. “I hate you.” “You cost me my dreams.”

It wasn’t true. Even if we had arrived on time, nothing would’ve changed. It wasn’t mom’s fault. Wasn’t anyone’s fault that my Penny didn’t make the jump and I barely got off before she broke a leg.

I rubbed my eyes. I needed to go back and make things right.