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Lending Kindle Books

I have just today found out there are sites to lend kindle books. Amazon started allowing one time lending for  two weeks books a while back and I supposed I should have expected various lending websites and groups to pop up.

A quick Google turned up two websites. Probably, if I searched for a longer time, I would find more.

1) They limit you to two requests at a time. Pretty sure you need to post some books to lend first, too. Sadly, most of mine are not lendable. 😦

2) This website does not appear to have a request limit.

3) Bookreads is a social networking site for readers and there is a kindle book lending group. It’s less organized than the websites, but it should be good, too. People post whatever books they have to lend, post requests for books they want and maybe have them granted. It’s more manual than the websites, but probably works.

On lendle, I requested an issue of Apex magazine and got it pretty damn fast. Far faster than I was expecting. It’s not a magazine I’ve read before and I am looking forward to it.