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Friday Flash: Tough

Another drabble for Friday flash! It was inspired by this photo from wiki commons.

It was magnificent, the blacks, the golds, the  body shape. The first really pretty dual car! She ventured a hand out and rubbed the cold, polished surface.

Yellow lights outlined the delicate wings and she grinned in delight.

Her father walked up behind her. “You like, baby button?”

She giggled. “It’s gorgeous. Can I have one?”

He snorted. “When you win the lottery. In the meantime . . .” He draped an arm over her shoulder and tugged her across the field to a curvy black car. “This is what you get.”

She frowned at it. “It doesn’t fly.”


22 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Tough

  1. I’d be out buying some lottery tickets 😉 Love that story, Sonia and glad to hear the flashes are inspiring longer stories for you too. I really like the one I just finished and it used two of the earlier 100 word flashes I’d done. It’s out on submission now, how about yours?

  2. I remember being a kid, and wishing for a bigger house or bigger Christmas. It’s hard keeping your hopes realistic sometimes. You do a nice job of evoking the picture.

  3. The image looks more like a bug carrying almonds to me. But is it’s uncarlikeness part of the joke? Because reading the drabble as nonsense humor made it a pleasant addition to my morning.

    1. I just saw a bug. Wiki can probably tell you exactly which bug it is. But, yeah, I decided to amuse myself by picturing it as a flying car.

  4. Well who wouldn’t want a car like that – it’s tough when you want something you can’t have… Thanks for the smile Sonia. ^_^

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