Happy New Year’s Eve people!

So today’s is a mild day. I am grateful; last year there was enough snow on the ground to make travel problematic on New Year’s Eve. So, yeah, I am grateful. Especially since we had both an earthquake and a hurricane this year – a blizzard would be just thing to round out the year.

I haven’t quite decided on my New Year resolutions yet. I will have by tomorrow hopefully. Kind of have to, there isn’t much time left.

Last year I only had four resolutions. I managed 1 completely and two others partially.

The first one was to keep unread posts in my Google reader to 0. This was an epic fail. I don’t know many I have in my Google reader, but more than a 1000. It doesn’t count past 1000 so it’s hard to know the exact number. I did, however, mange to mostly keep up with other writer/reader/editor/agent/random publishing blogs I follow. I severely reduced the number of those sorts of blogs this year so keeping up was easier. The blogs I failed to keep up with involve history and NY and various other things.

I was only partially successful in writing 300 words a day and finishing the WiP. I didn’t quite manage to write everyday and sometimes it was less than 300 words. But I came close. 😉 So I am not upset. The WiP is almost done so . . . should be done this month. Does a month late count?

And some few songs which probably captures the goings on of New Year: Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, Party by Beyoncé & Cheers by Rihanna