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Hearing a Commercial When Reading

So I was watching TV and the GEICO commercial came on. The one where the green gecko strolls down the Brooklyn Bridge and someone says in a really bad Brooklyn accent, “Forget about it.”

This commercial:

Than, during the other ads, I read Tricks of the Trade by Laura Anne Gilman. I got to a point where one the characters say,”Forget about it.”

And you know what? In my head, I heard it exactly the way they said in the ad. Exactly!!

Okay, yeah, they both take place in NY, but that’s about all the commercial and the book have in common. It was so strange. I had reread the page a couple times before I could get the ad out of my head.

It’s happened with movie trailers and the book the movie is from, but that kind of makes sense. Never with a nearly random commercial and book.

Has something like that happened to you? Or am I just odd?