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First day of NaNoWriMo

NaNo is here! Whoo-hoo.

For those of you who don’t know what is NaNoWriMo, it is the National Novel Writing Month. I call it NaNo. So much shorter.

The idea is to write a complete novel or 50,000 words in November. You are supposed to start work on a new novel, but I am going to work on the WiP. It has at least 50000 words in it. Possibly as many as 60000. Personally, I think that’s enough of a challenge. And 50000 words counts, huh?

That comes out to 1666.66667 words a day (used Google to calculate that).  12,500 words a week. It sounds impossible; my average is 300 words a day. Plus, I haven’t written at all this week. (Been busy!)

So, yeah. I’ve a suspicion I won’t make it. But it’ll be fun to try. It’s a way to kick off my second

advice on how to NaNo

year with this blog.

Last year, I forgot. I remembered only on the fourth day when I realized half of the blogs in my Google reader were filled with NaNo posts. Too late to even consider NaNo by then.

In case anyone is curious, I am signed up for the NaNo site and this is my profile there:

I am afraid some things will suffer during NaNo. Reading, twitter, the blog and its weekly memes: Friday flash, teaser Tuesday.