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Favorite Childhood Reread

I reread a favorite childhood book last book: The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley.

And it came to me: the book was written in a 3ed person omniscient POV.

I knew, of course, that it was written in 3rd person POV. But I haven’t read it in years and I’d somehow thought it was written it 3rd person limited.

I don’t know why. Maybe I am just so used to 3rd person limited. And back when I first read it, I didn’t know the difference between 3rd person limited and 3ed person omniscient.

The difference is so striking now, such a change from the usual stuff. It wasn’t confusing at all! But it is still as good as it was when I first read it.

I quite enjoyed it.


17 thoughts on “Favorite Childhood Reread

  1. Isn’t it fun to re-read books? I used to do that with The Thorn Birds and my Little House and Anne of Green Gables books.

    Now that I read so much that is first person or third person limited, I don’t care for third person omniscient as much. I’m glad you were still able to enjoy this one.

    Thanks for visiting The Book Connection.

  2. The only Robin McKinley book I have read is Beauty. Your post prompted me to look up the viewpoint of it. That book was written in first person. The pace was a little slow, but the story also mesmerized me.

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