Day 4 of National Novel Writing Month and Almost No Words

Today is day four of National Novel Writing Month and I haven’t even reached 500 words yet. I am supposed to be done with the first 10,000 words in two days and it’s not looking good.

Part of it is due to Sandy and hours spent on gas lines (2 hours on line for gas! Crazy! I ought to have taken a picture. The sight was mind-boggling.) and a commute that is three times longer than it used to be.

But the other part is that I haven’t been motivated and spent free time doing something other than writing. I think I’ve been just too tired to be motivated. I just wanna sleep, watch TV, listen to music and read. The weekend was crazy busy, too, and time I hoped to spend catching was spent doing something else. Lots of something elses.

But maybe the week will be better. I hope so. It best get better!

Anyway, everything is saved to Dropbox so I’ll be able to write from on the go tomorrow. I will just have to give up reading for the next month is all. I can do that. I will do that.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 of National Novel Writing Month and Almost No Words

  1. There have been many reasonable distractions. If you simply can’t make #nanowrimo work, then to hell with it, and write at your own pace starting now and through to 2013. Just make sure you stick to it and finish it. As Hemingway used to say, a page a day is a 365-page novel at the end of the year. And if you take off like a rocket tomorrow, then all the better. Good luck, Sonia!

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