RTF and Android woes

Android doesn’t support the RTF formats.

I never knew this. Seriously, I never knew.

I decided I could get more writing done if I wrote on my phone while away from my computer. DropBox would let me keep things synced so I don’t have to type anything over again. I could gain some of the hours I spend reading on my kindle (I take it everywhere and whip it out whenever I have a free moment) and instead just write on the phone.

I can write a few hundred words on my phone – I have done it before for friday flash and other short stories – and an extra hundred words sound so good!

So I install DropBox on my phone, link my Scrivener to DropBox. Well, I link the RTF file Scrivener produces when you compile. (I have windows Scrivener, which is quite incapable of linking automatically to DropBox.)

But than I found that Android can’t open RTF files. That is to say, Android won’t open it cleanly. The file is filled other text. It looks formatting text, but nothing that I am interested in. Certainly nothing I can use to write.

I thought mobile OpenOffice would surely open RTF files. It doesn’t. That is not to say there aren’t other apps that will open RTF files. There are. But they are all readers; there is noting that will let me edit RTF files. Which makes writing on the phone impossible.

I tried several other things:

1) coping and pasting the text from a read-only app to another app. This isn’t worth the time it takes.

2) changing the extension to DOC to see if OpenOffice could read it. No joy.

3) searching the android app store for other apps. Found one: OfficeSuite Pro. But it requires call read permission, which is a no go. A word processing app so does not need to know monitor my phone calls. It needs to know nothing related to my phone state and identity. It isn’t the app’s business.

So writing on the phone and keeping things synced is a no go. Sucks. Really really sucks.

I am going to have change the compiled file into a DOC file before syncing with DropBox. It sucks. It should work better than this.

RTF is supposed to be the format every single word processor can open. I am really disappointed with Android.