Friday Flash: Food

I got a Friday flash! This one was inspired by Madison’s image prompt:

She stared at the copse of dead trees and the single raven perched on blackened branches.

The spell was supposed to bring her food. Despairing, she gazed down at the yellowed paper. The master had written Food Spell in his typical, cramped writing across the top of the page.

She sighed, gathered her empty satchel and scrambled over the hot sands to rest against the tree bark.

The raven made an odd sound above her. She looked up. It opened its beak, dropping a mouse into her lap.

She yelped. The mouse ran, probably soon to die in the desert.

51 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Food

      1. Hmmm, I meant, of course, the “word” copse. It’s one of those words I know well from reading but haven’t ever heard anyone use…by which you can tell I don’t live in the UK or somewhere similar. 🙂

  1. I love the way the spell brought her food.

    A completely unrelated question, I am curious whereabouts in the world you are, because from my perspective you always publish Friday flash on Thursday evenings. xD

    Oh yeah, and happy Friday the 13th! 😀

  2. Without your story Sonia I would’ve been hard-pressed to know what the picture was, (I was looking at it wrong I suppose). Great story in just a few words!

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