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Friday Flash: Hope for the Dead

My first drabble in a long, long time! Enjoy. It’s exactly a hundred words. It’s inspired by a photo on 500px that seems, sadly, impossible to link to. It was really cool, though, by one Vic Mejias.

The piers rose like headstones from the water. The dark water underneath rippled in gentle waves.So gentle, she could almost believe them harmless. But tiny silver flecks dotted the water, glimmering in the moonlight. As if playful water spirits left dozens of precious jewels for their beloved mortals.

She gripped a round rubber ball in one hand and threw. A small explosion lit the night sky. It briefly illuminated the buildings across the river, dark, tall, gaunt skeletons, steel frames exposed to the world.

She would get there. God willing, her family was still alive. She would find them.

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Friday Flash: The Introduction

A new, odd sort of drabble. It is exactly 99 words. I don’t know what to make of it.

Strange mysterious items dropped through windows – magically, as if glass didn’t exist. They plunked onto the sleeping laps of car residents. Their oblong shapes made odd objects d’art on snow-covered lawns.

People everywhere woke to the sound of bells and the fleeting sense of something passing. They pored over their new property. Poked and prodded them with sticks, dogs and scanners.

Television personalities expressed puzzlement; experts spoke stern warnings.

Ultimately, when opened, they revealed pens that wrote equally well on paper and screen. Writers were overjoyed.

The event went down in history as the day the aliens introduced themselves.


Friday Flash: Food

I got a Friday flash! This one was inspired by Madison’s image prompt:

She stared at the copse of dead trees and the single raven perched on blackened branches.

The spell was supposed to bring her food. Despairing, she gazed down at the yellowed paper. The master had written Food Spell in his typical, cramped writing across the top of the page.

She sighed, gathered her empty satchel and scrambled over the hot sands to rest against the tree bark.

The raven made an odd sound above her. She looked up. It opened its beak, dropping a mouse into her lap.

She yelped. The mouse ran, probably soon to die in the desert.

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Friday Flash: Bit

Today’s Friday Flash! This one was inspired by this image from wiki commons. It’s 92 words. 😉

“A spider, Mommy! Look, a spider. On flowers, in the water.”

“Don’t touch it.”

“But -”

“No! And watch from a distance, baby. You don’t want to end up in the hospital again. Do you?”

“The crab jumped. I couldn’t get away!”

“Just like the dog before that. And the neighbor’s cat. And that bird you decided to catch. This trip,  you stay away from all critters. You hear?”

“Aww Mommy! I don’t want to. They call me, they really do.”

“Well, you just ignore them. Or else.”

“But -”



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Friday Flash: Possessive Monkey

Another drabble for Friday flash! This one is inspired by this picture from wiki commons:

She watched a scaled monkey-like creature snag an orange fruit. Maybe it was safe to eat.

The creature crouched on the tree limb and bit into it. The sweet fruity scent wafted into her nose. Her stomach growled.

What the hell, she thought. The many-limbed tree was easy to climb. It was rough under her palms, rubbing her skin red. The creature watched her progress with beady eyes.

She reached for a fruit and the creature attacked. Claws dug into her arms.

She lost her grip and fell. Pain exploded in her head and she moaned. Stupid possessive scaly monkey.

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Brainstorming A Short Story

On Friday I did a drabble that I fell in love with. I want to expand and I decided to brainstorm.

My brainstorming went something like this:

I considered three things: looks, plot, character.

1) Looks: I’d already given it hands, so it couldn’t be an animal. I thought maybe a being that has no set shape, but changes shapes as it chooses. Or a people-shaped creature made of mist. Or, my personal favorite, something like a Chinese dragon that lives in the clouds. Not really sure yet.

2) Plot: In the drabble, the dijnn (that’s what I’m calling the creature) escapes the wizard, so obviously, the wizard has to capture the dijnn first. Maybe a trap, maybe for a rescue. The wizard needs a reasons to try and capture the dijnn and I’ve some ideas on what that might be.  Nothing solid yet though.

3) Character: I wrote something down about this, but I don’t really have any idea what the character will be like. I don’t know if the character will actually have those traits. Maybe, maybe not. I figure it’s best if I let the character develop organically.

None of this even considers the dijnn’s society, how they live in the clouds, what they might fight about, and that’s what I’m really, really curious about. Maybe my dijnn has an enemy who helps the wizard. Who knows? Not me! Which is damn sad, because this is my story. But I want to find out.

So now I got to ask . . . how do you brainstorm? Do you think about these same things?

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Discovered New Standard in Drabble

I was rereading the end of Cryoburn by Lois McMaster Bujold. It ends in five drabbles (a word a discovered when I started writing my own 100 word fiction).

I was blown away by the drabbles. I liked all of them, but I especially liked Mark’s and Ivan’s. It’s really amazing how much she managed to do with 100 words.

I decided from now on that’s the standard I would aim for in my own drabbles.

Than I decided to Google famous drabbles. I found a few sites with even better drabbles! Some of them were even genre drabbles, which I thought impossible to do in 100 words. I am positively amazed.

Some drabble sites I found:

1) http://www.gwthomas.org/flashshotindex.htm. I tell you, the stuff here is AMAZING!!

2) http://podcasting.isfullofcrap.com/

3) http://100wordstories.com/issues.php. Sadly, this site seems defunct. But they got years worth of drabble.

4) http://web.me.com/normsherman/Site/Podcast/Podcast.html. Thank You Aidan!