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Book Review: Banshee Charmer by Tiffany Allee

From Entangled Publishing:

When she’s sent to a crime scene and finds her second dead woman in as many weeks, half-banshee detective Kiera “Mac” McLoughlin is convinced a serial killer is on the loose. Incubi are extinct, her boss insists. But what else can kill a woman in the throes of pleasure? When her partner is murdered after using witchcraft to locate the killer and Mac is thrown off the case, her frustration turns to desperation.

Certain the killer is an incubus, Mac works behind her department’s back to chase down slim, sometimes perilous leads. While the killer eludes her, she does discover handsome Aidan Byrne, an investigative counterpart from the enigmatic Otherworlder Enforcement Agency. Mac typically runs her investigations fast and hard, but with Aidan at her side, she’s running this one “hot” as well. But Aidan knows more than he’s letting on—something that could shatter their blazing romance and add Mac to the killer’s growing body count…

I finished Banshee Charmer by Tiffany Allee this week. I asked for it because the main character is a banshee and really, how many times do you use a banshee MC? Or even a half-banshee.

Banshee Charmer is the first in a new Otherworlder Enforcement Agency series. I enjoyed it. It’s a short, quick read. It moves fast.

The part I liked best was when Mac uses her scream on the bad guy. 😉 Too bad she isn’t a full banshee; that guy deserves to die.

Screaming isn’t that useful when it comes to detective work. She needs to do it the way non-magical cops do it: with her brains and guts. I enjoyed reading all that.

It is always clear that, Aidan, the male lead and romantic interest isn’t telling her everything. It turns out he was lying to her from the beginning. She forgives him for that, accepts him at the end and the book ends there. I don’t quite understand how she can do that.

Maybe that’s because Banshee Charmer is so short. I am not sure how many pages (I have a kindle ARC from net galley) but I think maybe half the size of a normal sized novel.

Also, lots of times it felt like she was telling us (me, the reader!) very interesting things about the other characters, but I wasn’t feeling it when the those characters showed up on page. Maybe this was also a result of the short length; not enough space to show everything I would like to be shown in the characters.

Other than that I would have to say this is a very interesting world (banshees and selkies and incubus and so much more). I like the main character and I think there is a lot potential for future stories.