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Middle Book Blues

I haven’t written a word in nearly two weeks. The book is half done.  I have heard that the middle of the book is the hardest bit to write, the most common place to get stuck. How do I get out of it? I have some idea what the next biggest scene will be. I… Continue reading Middle Book Blues


I is for Ideas

I think I am going through an idea drought lately. Well, more like than I am stuck on the current novel in progress. I don’t know how to go on. I got the middle blues. Which is where I usually get stuck. It’s depressing. I know what happens after this bit, but not how to… Continue reading I is for Ideas


N is for No Ideas

It’s not that I’ve no ideas for short stories right now; I’ve several. It’s that I am not entirely sure how to write them down. Where do I start? What character do I start with? It’s not like writer’s block (which I don’t believe in anyway.) Writer’s block is supposed to be when a writer… Continue reading N is for No Ideas


On Not Writing For A Month

Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres) Don’t how it is for other people, but for me, if I don’t write for a while, writing becomes harder and harder to do. It’s happened before; I go months without writing anything. I tell myself I will do it during summer vacation or next month when I have more time.… Continue reading On Not Writing For A Month


On the Terrors of a Blank Screen

Yesterday I found myself staring at a blank screen. See, on Scrivener each scene gets its own space and when I start a new scene, the screen is blank. And the last time I worked on the WiP, I stopped before I wrote a single word of the new scene. When I saw that blank… Continue reading On the Terrors of a Blank Screen

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Image Prompt

Teaser Tuesday is day after tomorrow and I am afraid I have nothing. No short story, anyway, though the novel WiP proceeds apace. So I decided to look for inspiration to write a short stories. I wanted a picture, and naturally, I went to deviantart. I found two pictures. The first looks like a witch… Continue reading Image Prompt

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Bird by Bird: Plot

At the beginning of Bird by Bird, starting on page 54, there is a short section entitled Plot. In this she says not to worry about the plot, but about the characters. You should get to know the characters, their relationship, and the plot comes out of that. Well, I know my characters. At least… Continue reading Bird by Bird: Plot