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Difficult POV

So I was writing something with multiple point of view characters. One main POV, one secondary POV, one main character. I meant it to be a short story, but it got long. (10,000+ words is a short story, yes?)

Anyway. I am rereading it now and I realize it is utter crap. And not just in the way all-first-drafts-are-crap. No. It really sucks. The POV transitions are not smooth, the voices aren’t distinct and they should be. And I am thinking there are some structure problems too. I feel scraping it and starting over.

A large part of the problem is probably that the last time I wrote a multiple POV story was in highschool. It was a sword & sorcery novel and I didn’t finish it. (It sucked, too.) Everything ever since have been single POV, where the main character is the POV character.

I meant this long story to test the multiple POV waters. I wanted to know what kind of problems I was looking at.  I am seriously considering a novel like that. Very seriously problems, I now realize.

It’ll be challenge and I don’t know if I’m up to it. Maybe I should do some more prep work first, work with both characters separately and than do something with them together. I don’t know.

In the mean time, I am writing something else. Something short and simple. 🙂

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Stupid POV Mistakes

So, yesterday I was reviewing what I had so far for the Write 1, Sub 1 challenge. The first paragraph started out in the third person and the by the fourth paragraph, I had somehow migrated to the first person.

I have no idea how it happened! My mind must have been wondering. What a stupid POV mistake!

Somehow in the middle of writing, I switched from “she” to “I”. My only excuse is that all of my recent stories have in the first person POV. Somehow, by habit, I switched here without realizing what I was doing.

Than, when I was rewriting, I realized some of what I wrote just would work in the third person. I know the third person limited POV is very similar to the first person POV, but they are not exactly the same and so I had to rewrite all of the second half.

Has anyone ever done that before? Changed from third person to first person POV by accident? I am still stunned I managed it.