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Friday Flash: Victory

This is another drabble! It is exactly 100 words. It was inspired by a photo from this   Mete Özbek. I found it on 500 px. Enjoy.


A swipe of gloved fingers and my queen fell off the edge of the board.

Smoke rose, obscuring the board. But I knew what was what.

I picked up my bishop and knocked out the enemy’s knight. A harsh scream sounded in the distance, just below the cliff precipice.  


I blew out a breath and the smoke faded just enough to let me see the enemy’s face. Dark, wet eyes, like drops of oil given life.

The enemy moved, a useless sacrifice of a knight.

I struck. The king fell into my palm, dead, cracked ebony.

Victory was mine.

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Friday Flash: Hope for the Dead

My first drabble in a long, long time! Enjoy. It’s exactly a hundred words. It’s inspired by a photo on 500px that seems, sadly, impossible to link to. It was really cool, though, by one Vic Mejias.

The piers rose like headstones from the water. The dark water underneath rippled in gentle waves.So gentle, she could almost believe them harmless. But tiny silver flecks dotted the water, glimmering in the moonlight. As if playful water spirits left dozens of precious jewels for their beloved mortals.

She gripped a round rubber ball in one hand and threw. A small explosion lit the night sky. It briefly illuminated the buildings across the river, dark, tall, gaunt skeletons, steel frames exposed to the world.

She would get there. God willing, her family was still alive. She would find them.