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J is for Joy

Joy is the reason I write. When it’s going well, it’s a high like nothing else. When it’s not going, well, nothing could be more frustrating. But I usually manage to find my zone afterward.

It’s when all I am aware of is the character and the scene. I know what the character is feeling. I know what he sees, what he see smells. I am barely aware of the keyboard and typing stuff into the computer.

It’s like I am not even telling the story. It already exists, the character whispers what happens into my head and all I have to do is write it town.

I write for those moments. It’s intense. When I come out of it, I need a moment to fit into the real world again.

It doesn’t happen like that all the time, but it happens often enough and I wish it would happen more often.

Afterward, I always find spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes because I am not paying attenuation to stuff like that. I find words that I’ve used too often, other descriptions that don’t quite work. It’s not perfect. But it’s still not bad and mistakes can be fixed.

Still. Even when the writing isn’t going well, the joy is why I always continue.