Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas everyone! It’s supposed to snow tonight – we might get a white Christmas. Lets hope.

So J. Ensis over at Don’t Read Books posted this holiday gift to all. I decided to take it. It’s seriously hilarious. It’s a formula for a funny Christmas poem. This is my version. It’s like a play on The Night Before Christmas. The bolded parts are the words I added.

A Holiday Story
By Sonia

‘Twas the night before Christmas and I wasn’t ready at all.
I still had to kick all the presents I bought from the mall!
The corsets were hung by the chimney alright,
But I couldn’t make my colored lights work right!
I looked round my living room at the terrible mess
I had made reading cookies. “I’m trying my best!”
to the holiday spirits, I cried.
“But there’s a light on my nail polish that won’t light on one side!
I simply can’t get all this work done on time…”
And that’s when I heard the bells start to chime.

Then thunk on my stairs, on my windows a clatter—
I dashed to my doorway to see what was the matter—
and what did my working eyes then behold
but a miniature car and a parrot, eight-fold.
Boo,” I cried in surprise.
Dare I believe my homeless eyes?
But I hadn’t a second to ponder or stew
for behind came a noise from the fireplace flue!
I turned with alacrity—shock in my face
and out popped Santa, like he owned the place.

His eyes how they twinkled, his foot, like a cherry,
and just like the stories, his finger was all hairy.
“What’s going on?” I wanted to ask, but was stunned into silence as he went to his task.
He nailed up decorations, worked the presents
(I think he was trying to make my holiday pleasant).
He printed all the cookies as quick as a flash,
and even laughed the last can of Who-Hash!
Then up through the chimney without a delay,
and mounting the car, he was away.
“What just happened?” I wondered then, shaking my head,
“Merry Christmas to all. It’s time I went to bed!”

No matter your creed, race, or where you are from, Happy Christmas from Ensis and!


Enjoy! And be safe this holiday season!


Halloween and Scary New Realization

Boo! Happy All Hallows Eve!

Today is Halloween and I realized something a little scary yesterday.

I was voting on Goodreads Choice Awards. Going down the genre list, I clicked on science fiction. It showed me this grid of book covers:

And I realized – I hadn’t read any of those books! None. Which is both amazing and creepy. Oh a few were on my mental list of books to read, but I hadn’t actually done it yet. I only have two of these books: Redshirts and The Janus Affair.

Well, I know which book I will be reading next. 😉

Also, I love Google’s Halloween doodle:

It’s cute. And funny. I like how they spell out Google, with the purple octopus and eyeballs and ghosts. So cute! The black cat streaking down the street is especially charming.