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Lack of Science Fiction

I was just updating my 2011 Reads page and I realized I have yet to read a single science fiction novel this year. That’s embarrassing, particularly as I consider myself to be a fantasy/science fiction reader.

Instead, my list is made up of romance and fantasy, urban and otherwise. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those, but where is my science fiction? I love Lois McMaster Bujold, Catherine Asaro and the much newer Hunger Games series.

Even the page I use to keep track of new, interesting releases doesn’t have a lot science fiction. In fact, the only one I see is How Firm a Foundation by David Weber. It’s dammed odd.

When did I stop reading or even keeping track of new science fiction? I have no idea. Maybe it’s that the science fiction/fantasy shelves in the bookstore and the library are mostly filled with fantasy. The book blogs I visit are also filled with fantasy and the books on Amazon’s “Customers who viewed this also viewed” list are also largely fantasy.

All I know is I need some new science fiction titles. Anyone got any ideas?

And no Isaac Asimov or Ender’s Game, please. I didn’t particularly care for the Foundation series and I’ve already read Ender’s Game (good book though!).

Also, which science fiction did you read last? And, like me, are there any particular type of books you like but haven’t read lately?