A to Z Challenge Reflection Post

Another A to Z challenge done! It went okay. I did every single letter, on time. Well, sometimes I pushed that, but I usually made it.

I only brainstormed the first few letters, so 3/4 of the challenge was done on the fly. I did that last year, too, but with slightly more planning; I prewrote most of my posts the day or two days before. I brainstormed a lot of them on Sunday.

So last year I actually had more time to actually visit A to Z Challenge blogs. This year, I mostly visited the same ones I visited last year. At least the WordPress ones I had subscribed to. I know I visited a lot on Blogger regularly, but I don’t remember which ones now. Plus a few more I discovered this year, also mostly on WordPress. (These few were very interesting and that is why I subscribed to them.)

But it was a good challenge. I think it would have been easier if I had brain-stormed ideas for posts in advance. I will do that next year. And I will try to write more of them in advance, too, preferably on Sundays.


Tired of National Blog Posting Month

Today’s the 15th; I am only half way through the month and I am already of it.  Blogging every day is a lot harder than it looks like and a lot more time consuming, too.

I have not quite run out of topics but there is nothing on my short list of blogging topics that excites me.

Is this what they call blogger’s block? Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

Or maybe I’ll just post pictures. Maybe pictures of my idea of Eve Dallas. I could spend a pleasant hour doing that. (This idea is not on my short list of blogging topics. I should add it.)


My Spammers like Apple

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of my spam posts involve the iOS, the Mac, the iPhone or the iPad. My spammers must love Apple.

I cannot imagine what I’ve done to acquire so much spam involving Apple products. The only Apple product I own is an ancient iPod. And I’ve never blogged about it!

Some of the spam is flattering, some isn’t and it’s all a little weird. There was a time when most spam involved body parts.

Witness some of my Apple loving spam comments. And all these appeared in the last couple weeks!

1) Hello there, right after changing in order to iOS four. three. just one, I found the actual video camera jiggle is unfilled, it will be recharging… ‘ forever when attempting to signific pics.

2) Basically working together with iphone. a few. When you attempt to transfer pictures the app be unsuccessful.

3) I personally use iphoto in between my very own wife’s imac as well as the mac book. I usually down load the pictures on my apple macbook, work with these, and then upload them having a HARDWARE for you to free up storage in the laptop computer. Do they offer service that with “dropbox” making use of the finder?

4) rather than acquiring these drawbacks, ipad carries just like warm birthday cake. .

5) It seems that my very own mobile phone provides great improvements over apple ipad,,, the thing that i abhor is usually, it will not assistance universal serial bus,,,


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National Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month

Nationalnanowrimo-logo Novel Writing Month and National Blog Posting Month start today. 

I’m not doing NaNoWriMo. The current WiP doesn’t have another 50,000 words in it. I’m still slightly stuck, so the word count isn’t moving very fast. And I really don’t want to start something new.

If I were on schedule, I could have and it would have been so much fun! (I actually have ideas for several novel -length ideas!) But I’m not so . . . No.

But I thought maybe I could do National Blog Posting Month. You have to post something each day of the month. The closest I’ve come to that is the A-Z Challenge, where you post every day but the weekends. Me, I barely managed it this year. I used the weekends to write some of the week’s posts.

I’ve been blogging for 4 years how and I’ve never managed to blog everyday for a month, weekends and all. I may, however, have gone for a whole month without blogging.

So I’m not really very confident about my ability to do so now. But I suppose it will be an interesting challenge.