I am a Seriously Cute Blogger

John Wiswell thinks I am a Seriously Cute Blogger. (Which I am of course.) But the dog is cuter.

The idea is to discuss 5 books/movies/TV shows you have seen/read lately.

  1. Eureka: a fantastic show. They’ve decided to cancel it, but I’ll enjoy it as long as I can. I really, really wish they wouldn’t cancel the show. Anyway, there is always Netflix and streaming (which is cute, yes?).
  2. Dune (book): a science fiction classic. I loved loved loved it.(the sister is cute, but demented)
  3. Up: a delightful children’s movie.  The first little bit was very sweet. The movie is short, but enjoyable. Plus, it’s pretty damn cute and perfect for this award. LOL Not sure if I should be embarrassed to watch it (I am not a child) but I like children’s movies and I am not embarrassed to admit it.
  4. Blood Rock by Anthony Francis: this is one of the better urban fantasy I’ve found in recent years. I love how he uses tattoos. (the tattoos are both gorgeous and cute)
  5. Sins of Affection by India Harper: romantic suspense. This is the third in the Creatures of Sins series. The cop got demoted for sleeping with the witness (a prostitute) in the first book. Now, the prostitute is back and living with them (them being the demoted cop and his lover). I enjoyed reading it! Um, yeah, I am sure something about this book is cute, too. The way they live happily ever after, maybe. It’s kind of a HEA ending. Could use more books.

Three  other seriously cute bloggers:

  1. Madison, whose blog I followed long before this blog was born (11 months now). She has a lot of cute posts.
  2. Jessica, who tweets the cutest pictures (via tumblr)
  3. Sandy, who has read a truly prodigious number of books this past labor day weekend and who also has pretty cute tweets.

Have at it, ladies!