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Q is for Queens: five favorite queens

It’s a struggle to find Q words to use to start a post. I figured I would list my favorite five queens in the stuff I’ve read. 1) Elyssa Yamato from the Vampire Queen series by Joey W. Hill. These books are hot, the world is really engrossing. Elyssa Yamato is a strong, sane queen… Continue reading Q is for Queens: five favorite queens


Best Reads of 2012

I’ve read so many books this year I don’t remember all of them. So many books that reading interfered with the writing. Which is not okay, but I can accept it. So these the best of the books I do recall reading. If there is one thing this list is based on, it is how… Continue reading Best Reads of 2012

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Book Review: Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop

Blurb from GoodReads: When wizards threaten Glorianna Belladonna and her work to keep Ephemera balanced, her brother Lee sacrifices himself in order to save her-and ends up an asylum inmate in the city of Vision. But a darkness is spreading through Vision, perplexing the Shamans who protect it. And Lee is the only one who… Continue reading Book Review: Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop


Z is for Zippy Last Lines

Ten of the zippiest last lines you will ever read! They are all from my favorite books. The Black Jewels trilogy, some from the Vor books by Lois McMaster Bujold and some books by Joey W. Hill. I have read all of these again and again and again. His heart held on fiercely to Jaenelle‘s… Continue reading Z is for Zippy Last Lines

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Q is for Quest

Quests! They abound in fantasy. There are whole texts written on the subject. In fact, quests appear so often they are almost cliché. (Tolkien might be responsible for this.) Almost is the key word here, though I am sure lots of people would argue quests are cliché. I am not entirely certain my favorite fantasy… Continue reading Q is for Quest

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Favorite Reads of 2011

John is hosting a bloghop where you list the best books your read in 2011. Not books that were published in 2011, but ones I read this year. That’s good, as I read a few older books this year. 😉 I am listing them randomly. I was going to post ten, but I can’t make… Continue reading Favorite Reads of 2011