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The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Chapter 1.1

The first chapter is entitled: The Call to Adventure It says: This first stage of the mythological journey – which we have designated the “call to adventure” – signifies that destiny has summoned the hero and transferred his spiritual center of gravity from within the pale of his society to a zone unknown. This fateful… Continue reading The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Chapter 1.1

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This flash was inspired by the letter U! She pondered the picture. It showed a lady, dead from drowning. She knew that face. She glanced over her shoulder at the rest of her class; they wandered the room, looking up at the photographs on the wall. Her teacher was across the room, with most of… Continue reading Undead

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P is for Predicting the End

Sometimes you can predict the end of a book while you’re still in the middle – or even the beginning. It’s a little disappointing to be able to accurately to predict in the beginning – the book has barely gotten started, and if all goes as predicted, what’s the point? Or maybe it’s not; if… Continue reading P is for Predicting the End

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Ory and the Big O

So this is today’s Friday flash, inspired from the letter O. It’s not quite what I intended. The letter is O and the only thing I could think of is Big O. Wikipedia has an article on it. Ory saw the mailman first, dragging the mail cart behind him. Ory  listened, still and quiet in… Continue reading Ory and the Big O

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J is for Journaling

Through today’s random internet browsing, looking for inspiration for this post, I found an article on what some famous authors have to say about journaling: (And, also, quite a few fruitless minutes on how to spell journaling, because WordPress keeps flagging the spelling I am using.) I kept a journal once when I was… Continue reading J is for Journaling

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I is for Ice

This is a piece I wrote for #FridayFlash with the letter I as my writing prompt. She pirouetted through her door. Sunlight flooded the living room from the skylight overhead. She danced through the rays. Step, step, jump, arms at shoulder length, step, hands above her head, be graceful, turn her head just so. She… Continue reading I is for Ice

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C is for Creation

I decided to write a Friday flash with a title that starts with C, because of the A to Z challenge. This is what resulted.   Rain drizzled down, a steady, punishing stream of water.   It wound down the body of the stone statue, past its blind eyes and dripped on ground already soaked with… Continue reading C is for Creation