Life is Not Normal Any More

not-normalMy last post was just under a year ago, and back then, life was normal. Today, life is not normal.

Even a month ago, life was normal.

Hopefully, the changes the coronavirus has wrought in my life are not permanent and I won’t have to get used to them.  Changes such as being terrified to go outside and quite possibly brush up against someone. Anyone, really.

Most people who get it are supposed to recover, but I am not reassured. What if I am not most people?

This will pass. It might take weeks, but it will pass. I am hopeful summer won’t be ruined. But, even if it is, there is always next summer to look forward to.

Until then, everyone needs to avoid everyone else. The goal has become to avoid other people.


5 thoughts on “Life is Not Normal Any More

  1. We’re all trying to cope with this invisible monster. We’ll get through it, and maybe we’ll have a more rational world on the other side. In the meantime, do what you have to. Stay safe, and you know the mantra by now. 😉

  2. Being retired I haven’t had to adjust my life much. Some store availability has been a hassle. Hopefully the buying hysteria will have died down before it’s time to make my next Costco supply run.
    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. The challenges we face now will surely make us stronger. I am sorry for people who are not readers and haven’t developed “alone time” skills.

    Wishing for a positive end to the pandemic.

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