Hugo Awards 2015

The Hugo Awards are over for another year. Most of the puppy categories won No  Award.

I didn’t vote and I didn’t watch the live tweeting. I suppose that means I am not invested or not invested enough. (The last. I am not really invested enough in fandom, not enough to spend hours and hours of my life submerged in it). This is also the only year I seriously considered getting a supporting membership. I never thought it might be necessary before.

But I am not truly displeased with the results of the voting. In the years I have been watching the Hugo Awards, I never have been really displeased with the results. Disappointed, usually, with a category or two, but never truly displeased overall.

I expect the drama will start over again next year and that’s not something I am looking forward to. Maybe I will vote next year. Maybe Martha Wells will finally be nominated for a Hugo. (If I do nominate anything for next year, Martha Well’s short stories and novellas will be on my list).

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