Forever Canceled

My favorite TV show, Forever, is canceled.

There are details here:

I loved this show. It was basically the only show I watched every week, regularly, despite the odd hour.

I am so, so upset. I don’t know why the ratings were so poor – it was a really, really good show.

I got nothing to watch now. There’s Gotham, maybe Grimm (I haven’t seen it, but it sounds interesting) and maybe Agents of Shield. But none of them sound as good as Forever.



14 thoughts on “Forever Canceled

      1. I know! I was at the edge of my seat through the entire last episode and I was like please don’t die please don’t die.

        1. I heard that too. I think the network should probably settle with having the news on at this hour instead of more shows.

  1. It had been on the bubble for a while. I was kind of expecting the cancellation, although I am disappointed. Kind of like New Amsterdam. These kinds of shows just don’t do well on networks. Now, if a smaller cable channel would pick it up…

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