Z is for Zombies

The zombie is the second creepiest icon of horror. Just witness:

It’s the whole shambling walk and rotting body parts thing. And fingers and toes crawling on their own. And that skeletal grin.

I can’t watch without being seriously creeped out. I just can’t.

At least if you chop off vampire’s hand, the hand won’t crawl forward and try to strangle you. It will stay chopped off!

It’s why I don’t watch Walking Dead and other zombie TV shows/movies. And I pretty much avoid all zombie novels, including the  Newsflesh Trilogy. I have heard so much about it, but no.

It feels like zombies are becoming more and more popular, which is disturbing.

Do you avoid zombie shows?


18 thoughts on “Z is for Zombies

  1. I hate zombies too and I tend to avoid watching anything with “zombie” in the title but now there’s a new TV show that makes zombies look like human with a disorder. I quite enjoy it.

  2. My kinder kiddos love to playing a game of “Zombie Tag” at recess. Obviously, I’m thinking slow walking zombies. No! Those kids are doing their best imitation of some 28 Days Later zombies and sprinting at me full speed. If I can’t out-sprint a pretend kinder zombie, I’m just gonna lay out on the ground if and when an actual zombie apocalypse happens.

  3. I love zombies! I’ve always been fascinated by the many varied types. The bloody smorgasbord of the slow, stupid, “Braaaaaaainsss” variety to the fast, plague-infested, inside-out zombies is what I enjoy the most. Get tired of one mythos? Another one pops up in its wake to scare you away from hospitals and malls alike.

    What I don’t like? The Walking Dead. Anyone else agree with me that this show isn’t about zombies at all?

  4. Zombies can be really creepy, but I do enjoy the stories when they aren’t playing up that aspect. I liked the movie Warm Bodies, for example, which is a romzomcom (romantic zombie comedy)…sounds weird, but it works.

  5. Oooh Zombies… I am not one for watching them. I couldn’t get into the Walking Dead at all! But I am intrigued with their folkloric roots. (They are Haitian in origin, under the spell of a sorcerer). It is really complex and intriguing stuff if you are interested in that aspect. Reading about them is one thing, but seeing them…. ew – I’m with you Sonia.

  6. I love zombie shows. I like the funny ones like Zombielane and Sean of the Dead best, but I’ll catch others now and then. The new, fast-running zombies really can be scary.

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