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P is for Predicting the End

Sometimes you can predict the end of a book while you’re still in the middle – or even the beginning.

It’s a little disappointing to be able to accurately to predict in the beginning – the book has barely gotten started, and if all goes as predicted, what’s the point?

Or maybe it’s not; if the couple doesn’t get together at the end of a romance, that would be odd. Or if murderer isn’t caught at the end of a murder mystery, that would also be a bit odd.

But aside from that! Unexpected things have happen in between those things.

If they don’t, I am pretty sure I would be bored.


8 thoughts on “P is for Predicting the End

  1. I find that I can usually guess the twist in a story, perhaps that comes from writing so many myself, however if the story is well written then knowing what’s coming doesn’t bother me.

  2. I particularly hate being in the dark all the way through but then guessing the end just before the end is revealed – this happens quite a lot with twist in the tale ends as well. Not sure there is any way round it, but it’s particularly irritating with twist in the tale because it should be a complete surprise. Possibly writers guess the endings more than others. They are used to thinking – what could happen next?! ~Liz

  3. I really don’t like it when I can predict the end, but I’m more lenient with this when it comes to books. If a movie has a predicable ending, it ruins the whole thing for me. Books, on the other hand have to have other things that irritate me for be to be disappointed with the book itself.

  4. I would rather be able to predict the end of something that is so well written that I enjoy the journey to get there than to have an ending so contrived or illogical that I feel I’ve wasted my time getting there.

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