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G is for Galactic Empires

There are lots of galactic empires in science fiction. Lots and lots. Star Wars, many David Weber books, the Skolian books by Catherina Asaro and the Vorkosigan books by Lois Bujold. I am sure there many, many more that I am forgetting right now.

Today we live in a world where there aren’t that many ruling queens, kings and princes. Even where royal families still exist, the monarchs are usually figure heads.

That is why it is puzzling to me that so much space opera have kings, queens and royals with real power. I mean, we go a hundreds of years in the future and we revert to monarchies?

It just strikes me as a little strange. (But fun!)


13 thoughts on “G is for Galactic Empires

  1. That’s a good point. But, then again, fashion is cyclical so why can’t government models be as well? (Only in centuries instead of decades.) 🙂

  2. I suppose we all like our ‘royal destiny’ stories, a hidden prince, a suffering princess, fighting to restore honesty and justice ;P, which is why there are so many galactic empires – one that’s not galactic, but from fantasy is Guy Gavriel Kay’s Tigana – that is interestingly handled because the protagonist is not the pivot around which the royal story rotates 🙂
    Sophie’s Thoughts & Fumbles
    Wittegen Press

  3. I’m going to reveal how much of a nerd I’m not and admit that I don’t care much for science fiction. Which is weird, considering I write it. I have a hard time understanding how that works. 😦

    N J Magas, author

  4. Monarchies have the potential for so much dramatic DRAMA! 😀 Well, I mean…so do governments, obviously….but kings, queens, princes, princess, EMPERORS, LORDS AND LADIES! They’re so much more fun than politicians and senators. XD In my mind, anyway. 😉

  5. I never really thought about that. In fantasy, I can see where some of the stories have medieval tendencies, so kings and queens would make sense, but not so much in science fiction. Interesting point.

  6. People want to be taken out of their everyday life and be swept up into a fantasy world. Something very different then their own reality, where they can become someone else for just a little while. Who wouldn’t want to be a princess, or a prince…better yet a king or queen. 🙂

  7. I’ve always wondered this myself! Maybe in the future voting for our leaders is so uncool, just keeping one family on the throne is where it’s at.

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