A is for Abandoning a Book

I am considering abandoning this book (The Hero with a Thousand Faces), because I have made no progress on it.

I teased it last Tuesday, but I have made only a few pages worth of progress since than. That amounts to less than a page a day. Maybe half a page a day, maybe less, I am not quite sure, but around half a page a day.

It’s just that The Hero with a Thousand Faces is so dense, with these insanely long sentences. It’s so hard to read. I have to reread basically ever paragraph in order to make sense of it.

It’s a struggle to finish even one page. I like to give a book about a hundred pages before I stop, but it will take me weeks and weeks to even finish the first hundred pages. But if I stop, this is the first time I will stop reading a book I actually want to read so fast.

I haven’t decided yet. I’ll give it another three weeks before I decide.