End of NaBloPoMo

Today is the last day of November and thus the last day of National Blog Posting Month.

I made it. I can hardly believe I made it, but I did.

I posted everyday this month. God. Some posts were crappy, others were okay. Sometimes I posted at 7 or 8 at night, but I managed.

It was hard. I am glad it’s over. I am pretty sure I won’t do this again. I thinking posting two or three times a week is ideal for me.


2 thoughts on “End of NaBloPoMo

  1. Congrats on be able to finish the whole challenge. I agree with you, posting everyday is a lot of work. Especially if you don’t have much to write about or if you didn’t plan your posts ahead of time. I think for me 3 to 4 times a week will be it for me. Once again congrats on finishing NaBloPoMo 🙂

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