Do you seek out holiday books?

I read a post yesterday on favorite holiday books and I thought: I don’t have any favorite   holiday reads.

That’s not to say I don’t read holiday themed books – I do, if it drops in my lap. Sometimes they do, and they are usually romance books. Maybe mysteries.

But I don’t go looking for them, don’t seek them out. If I see them on library shelves? Okay. Maybe I’ll take one out.

None of the books I love to reread involve the holidays. None. Is that weird?

Maybe it’s because I read mostly fantasy and there aren’t a whole lot of holiday-themed fantasy books.


One thought on “Do you seek out holiday books?

  1. I’m not much for rereading, so there isn’t a book I read every year – and I’ve felt bad at times about that, because it feels like EVERYONE has those one or two books they reread around the holidays.

    I do usually track down a holiday book, or a few, although whether I actually read them or not depends on if I find the time. The end of the year tends to be busy!

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