Ice Bucket Challenge

I decided to look up various ice bucket challenges done by favorite writers.

This one is by Brandon Sanderson and the best thing about it is that he counties writing even after someone dumped a bucket of ice and water on him. Who does that? I mean, weren’t the papers a little hard to read after a wetting?

This one is Pat Rothfuss’s ice bucket challenge. I really love his “ice”. So smoky and dramatic.

This one is by Jim Butcher. He has ice, ice cream and an ice cream headache.

There are lots more on YouTube: Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, George Martin. But that’s more videos than I want to put here!

I wasn’t able to find any of the women whose books I go all fangirl on do an ice bucket challenge. Is that weird?

And, also, just because, here’s a video compilation of people failing at the ice bucket challenge.