Tired of National Blog Posting Month

Today’s the 15th; I am only half way through the month and I am already of it.  Blogging every day is a lot harder than it looks like and a lot more time consuming, too.

I have not quite run out of topics but there is nothing on my short list of blogging topics that excites me.

Is this what they call blogger’s block? Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow.

Or maybe I’ll just post pictures. Maybe pictures of my idea of Eve Dallas. I could spend a pleasant hour doing that. (This idea is not on my short list of blogging topics. I should add it.)

2 thoughts on “Tired of National Blog Posting Month

  1. It’s weird to say that but it has had the opposite effect on me. I had set a goal for myself to meet a certain length with my posts (700 words initially) but as this month goes on what I am writing is getting longer and longer naturally.

    I am not trying to humblebrag or anything, writing a lot is hardly a talent or something to be proud of. What I am trying to say is, either the act of meeting a goal or simply the application of writing excessively is what is working for me. The way that I see it is, there’s no real motivating factor to write a snippet and neither you nor the reader get anything out of that.

    To make this worth something to me as well as to the person reading it I wanted to hold my writing to some form of standard. I have to say, it’s helped a lot. I also don’t abandon anything that I start writing as much anymore either. And I’ve had positive results with it too. You’ve got another 15 days left so maybe it’s worth ending things with a bang, don’t you think? 🙂

    1. Good for you!

      I try not to give myself word count mins or maxs; it will be as long as it needs though in the beginning I tried not to have anything over 500 words (this was the blogging advice at the the: keep it short.) And I’ve just gotten into the habit I suppose.

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