My Spammers like Apple

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of my spam posts involve the iOS, the Mac, the iPhone or the iPad. My spammers must love Apple.

I cannot imagine what I’ve done to acquire so much spam involving Apple products. The only Apple product I own is an ancient iPod. And I’ve never blogged about it!

Some of the spam is flattering, some isn’t and it’s all a little weird. There was a time when most spam involved body parts.

Witness some of my Apple loving spam comments. And all these appeared in the last couple weeks!

1) Hello there, right after changing in order to iOS four. three. just one, I found the actual video camera jiggle is unfilled, it will be recharging… ‘ forever when attempting to signific pics.

2) Basically working together with iphone. a few. When you attempt to transfer pictures the app be unsuccessful.

3) I personally use iphoto in between my very own wife’s imac as well as the mac book. I usually down load the pictures on my apple macbook, work with these, and then upload them having a HARDWARE for you to free up storage in the laptop computer. Do they offer service that with “dropbox” making use of the finder?

4) rather than acquiring these drawbacks, ipad carries just like warm birthday cake. .

5) It seems that my very own mobile phone provides great improvements over apple ipad,,, the thing that i abhor is usually, it will not assistance universal serial bus,,,