Writing with a Timer

So, I’ve been having trouble writing lately. One problem I’ve had this past

Cute Timer!

week – other than words will not come – is that my focus is shot. I am always doing something else when I mean to sit down and write.

So yesterday I had an idea. I downloaded a timer app and set it to fifteen minutes. For minutes, I would write. Or stare at the screen. I would at least try to write.

I would not:

  • check my twitter
  • Google random things
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Play games
  • Watch TV
  • things other than stare and write words on the screen.

I managed this yesterday. I checked twitter after my timer went off and then went back to the work in progress.

In this way, I wrote 549 words yesterday.

I am hoping I can do it again today.


5 thoughts on “Writing with a Timer

  1. What helped me a lot with writing was allowing myself to even write about the most trivial of things. I used to feel that I could only write about, “matters of importance” but truthfully that isn’t the case.

    And just to add a little more, most of the time I reflect what I write about as I am writing it. To me, this adds depth to what I want to say and it motivates me to actually share what I am saying and write more.

    Just throwing some thoughts out there for you.


  2. I think that’s a great idea of writing with a timer. Sometimes we get distracted by the most trivial things. I know I get suck into checking my twitter and emails and instagram just to see what is going on. I mean we are blogger/writers and we do use social media to get our work out there but sometimes we get distracted. Sometimes I’m just lazy and don’t want to do it. Still 549 words is something.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. I sure will pass 549 words in no time. Positive thoughts 🙂

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