Friday Flash: Sweet Sixteen

Today’s Friday Flash! It still needs work, I think, but I am not sure exactly what.

Crazy color smeared across her face. Pale pink on her eyelid transformed into neon pink on her eyebrow. The left eyelid was colored light blue, but somehow bright blue dotted her cheeks. Her hair was powdered with lemon yellow. Similar colors spilled down her shirt and the new white shorts she’d wanted to wear for her birthday party.

“What are you supposed to be?” he asked.

She burst into tears. Oddly, her tears made no tracks through the color on her face.

His wife chose that moment to come in and scowled at him. “She’s a Neon. Her ability is to spread color on every surface.”

He winced. That was the most useless Neon ability. Invariably, they were house painters, interior designers or fashion designers. Artists, too, many times.

Too bad his baby girl could only draw stick figures and hadn’t the fashion sense of a poodle.

“Come here.”

“Papa!” She threw herself into his arms. “What am I gonna do?”

“I don’t know, sweetie.” He closed his arms tight around her. “We’ll figure something out.”

They had time. She was only sixteen.


15 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Sweet Sixteen

  1. “Could only draw stick figures and hadn’t the fashion sense of a poodle” sounds like…. me. So yeah, I feel for the girl & I can’t help hope she does figure something out.

  2. A quirky story, Sonia. I guess being a Neon would have side benefits to a decorator, the paint splotches wouldn’t be so obvious. lol. 😀

  3. I liked that the pigmentation is involuntary — it worked well for sympathy! I want her to grow up to be a kick-ass lawyer or something, Neon-ness be damned.

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