Feel Like Romance

I spent a couple pleasurable hours today reading romance. In fact, that’s all  I’ve been reading this past weekend.

I can’t say why. I need to start The Rook, but I just haven’t felt like it. Sometimes all I really feel like is reading romance. Sometimes nothing else will do.

My favorites are romantic suspense, like the In Death books by JD Robb, Nalini Singh books and Joey W. Hill’s vampires. Hello, danger, romance, adventure and a happy-ever-after. It has a lot of the things I like best in books.

Do you have days like that? When all you want to read is romance?


3 thoughts on “Feel Like Romance

  1. Here’s a hug for all the romantics like us!

    It’s said that good dose of romance cures everything. (Sounds more like chocolate, I know, but both have similar effect on me.)

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