Gotham Pilot

Gotham Pilot: Warning: Spoilers Ahead

I watched Gotham’s pilot. It’s about Gotham before Batman was a part of the city, when Gordan was a young detective.

So . . . I thought Bruce would be a little older. Unless this show goes on for years and years, he’s not ever going to active in the main mystery. At most, he’ll be part of the subplot. Little disappointed.

But! Lots of villains show up in the pilot – Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler, maybe the Joker and maybe Poison Ivy (she’s supposed to have rich parents, yeah? She doesn’t in this one. So maybe it’s an evil trick and I’ve fallen for it.) Also, they might keep people guessing who the Joker is, too. Just have a different a comedian on each week.

There might be too many villains for a single episode. But it is the pilot . . .

The second half of the episode felt a little rushed anyway. It turned from a simple, too-easy to solve murder mystery into a conspiracy to provide a fake murderer so the citizens feel safe in their homes. Gordan, the one good cop in a sea of bad cops, is upset.

He goes to confront and promptly gets into trouble. The mob boss has to come in and rescues the cops. Which is a little funny. Also, it contributed to the too-busy, rushed feeling. Made me go: WTH?

Surprising items:

  • Gordan’s fiancée, Barbara, is either lesbian or bisexual, and has previously carried on an affair with someone who thinks Gordan is dirty.
  • Fish: I enjoyed this character.

Favorite moment: Gordan’s interview with Bruce Wayne. This was a very touching scene.

Setting: Gotham is beautiful. I can’t decide if it’s supposed to be the city from the 80’s, or something from the cartoon, but it mixes the two and adds something from the present (cell phones!). It’s dark and edgy and very nice.

I am not sure how all the supervillains will mesh with a police procedural. Maybe a pre-Batman hero will show up? I don’t know. But I’ll be watching.


4 thoughts on “Gotham Pilot

  1. I watched it too and had to remind myself it was the Pilot. It did feel rushed and, as a pilot, like they were trying a little too hard to sell every possible super villain. I am hoping it settles down a bit and we have more moments like the one you mentioned between Gordon and a distraught Bruce Wayne.

    Here’s hoping!

  2. I too enjoyed this pilot, but haven’t decided if I’ll stick with it. I didn’t mind that Batman wouldn’t play a big part, but the writing seemed a bit off. Like the ending you mentioned. I’ll probably try one more (at least) show.

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