e-Reader Dying Out?

I feel like this is me on a sunny day.

I just read an article on Mashable and on Slate that e-Reader sales are down. They might go down until ALL companies stops selling them, just like that trendy device no one remembers from a decade ago, like the Mac Cube.

Barns and Nobel are already separating themselves from the Nook; Amazon has a new phone; Sony has long since gotten out of the American market.

Both Mashable and Slate say it’s because e-Readers are a single-purpose device, a purpose that can easily be performed on any tablet and smartphone. That’s, true, yes, you can read anything on a tablet or a smartphone.

Mind, this category of the dedicated e-Reader does not include e-Readers such as the Nook Color and Kindle Fire. Those are tablets, but they are usually marketed as e-Readers. The dedicated e-Reader is an e-ink reader.

Mashable says the smartphone is killing the single-purpose e-Reader. I disagree; if anything is killing it, it’s the tablet. The smaller tablets and most e-Readers have a similar size.

Me, I got a dedicated e-Reader, a tablet and a smartphone. I do have an e-reader app on my tablet and my smartphone and even some books, but the bulk of my reading is done on the e-Reader. It’s just a lot more comfy for hours and hours of reading. A lot more comfy.

But if you don’t read as much as I do, maybe a tablet or a smartphone would be a better idea. It means fewer devices and less expense. You can get and read books on either one easily. So a part of me thinks, yes, there will come a day when dedicated e-Readers are no longer sold.

What do you think? Do you think the single-purpose e-Reader is on it’s way out? If you wanted to be able to read ebooks today, would you get a tablet or a dedicated e-Reader? Neither and just stick with your trust smartphone?


15 thoughts on “e-Reader Dying Out?

  1. I hate reading on a smartphone. The screen is too small. I have a Nook tablet that’s about 3 years old. I don’t use it a lot as I like to read ‘real’ books, but it’s ok when I’m on the go. I don’t think I’ll invest in anything bigger or better. I am interested in seeing the new Samsung/B&N product they are coming out with. I love Samsung products so this should be interesting.

    1. yeah most smartphones are too small. Maybe phablets? I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know why you would just buy a Tab 4 instead of the Tab 4 Nook.

  2. The end of single-function glass-display readers, certainly. We’ll still see readers, but they’ll handle multiple formats, other entertainment, and support basic tasks. Tablets will split, some becoming powerful computers while others focus on specific areas. The current cost and limitations of technology makes dedicated readers a tougher sell, but imagine new tech–including bendable paper-like touch-interactive face–making reading a much better experience at highly affordable price.

    1. So you agree – dedicated ereaders are on their way out!!!

      Well the curved screen phones are already out. And Samsung has been working on the flexible display for almost a decade now, and they might put one out next year. We’ll see.

  3. The market’s pretty saturated by now as well–might be that everyone who wants a dedicated reader has one they’re happy with. I upgraded to the nook glowlight from the nook simple touch, but I haven’t even thought about buying a new reader since then.

  4. I have an old Kindle and only use it a few times a year (prefer physical books), but we got each of our kids a good quality Tablet earlier this year, for $100 at Walmart. You can do everything on them, including read ebooks. I had thought about getting one of the newer Kindles for Christmas this year, but instead I’ll probably just get a tablet 🙂

    1. I use my ereader all the time! Since you don’t use it all that often, you probably will get more use out of the tablet. Might read more ebooks, too, since it’ll be so easy.

  5. I think the screen size is key – smartphones are too small, and the bigger tablets are too bulky. I have an e-reader and currently have no desire for a tablet, but I can see how having one device to do many things trumps a single-purpose device. I just don’t think they’ve mastered it yet.

    1. I think what I really want is something from sci-fi – a device that is paper-thin but strong, can fold up in my pocket, and when opened can be a stiff full-size page that’s easy to read. 🙂 My problem with tablets is mostly the weight of them when reading, but they can also be hard on my eyes when compared to e-ink readers.

      1. Next year, maybe, if the internet rumor prove right. Samsung is supposed to be working on a phone that folds into thirds. Doubt it will be paper thin. Yeah that last is why I love my e-ink reader.

  6. Hello Sonia, awesome blog! It’s the fact that you can read anything on a tablet. But, for the bulk of reading books e-reader is the best option.

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