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Friday Flash: Apologize

My first friday flash in a couple of weeks. Didn’t feel like writing one today either, but thought: I should.


The full moon rose above the tree line, big and round and dirty white, like someone had smeared dusty fingers across it.
She looked away, not wanting to see it. Terrible thing.
Flowers buried their heads in their petals all along the lawn. When she was little, she used to think they slept and sang them a lullaby in the evening.
She knew better now, didn’t she?
She bent to pick a bloodroot. Its white petals were tightly furled and soft as a newborn’s head. She picked one and let it drop on the dark green grass.
I will die.
Another petal floated to the ground. He will die.
A third petal joined its siblings. I will die.
A wolf emerged from the copse of woods and padded closer. His blond fur gleamed in the moonlight.
The fourth petal drifted down to rest on her sandaled foot. He will die.
His fur wavered and rippled under the full moon.
A fifth white petal wafted away in a gust of wind. I will die.
A man rose from the grass, tall, naked and skin like brightly polished copper.
The sixth petal landed on his black hair. He will die.
“We need to talk, babe,” he rumbled.
They did not.
The seventh petal circled down to land on the ground between them. I will die.
She pointed the gun she had taken from our locker. It held silver bullets she had especially commissioned. “There is nothing left to say.”
The last petal drifted away, out of sight on the wind. He will die.
She fired.
The shot missed him, smacked into the ground behind him. He never even flinched. Bastard.
He took several steps forward. “Come on, babe. You don’t want to shoot me.”
She turned away. “I want you gone.”
His arms closed around her waist. “I am sorry. It won’t happen.”
His heat seeped through her clothes. “No. It won’t.”
“I can make it up to you.” He blew a breath in her ear.
“You can’t. My mother’s crystal! You can’t replace it.”
“Give me a chance. Please.”
She huffed out a breath.


11 thoughts on “Friday Flash: Apologize

  1. This isn’t bad. I don’t think it’s as Meh as you said. It actually has a lot of good imagery and is well written. I don’t know exactly everything that is going on but that just means I need to reread it. That isn’t a bad thing.

  2. Sonia, I love the creativity of your stories! The “terrible” moon and the “newborn head” really set the stage for me, and I love the twist on picking the flower petals. I’m glad you posted this!

  3. I’m not sure if i should, but I found this quite amusing alongside the darkness of it. She was more bothered by the broken crystal than the fact he was a werewolf, but then again the crystal was irreplaceable, she can always find another partner, wolfish or not.
    I liked the poetic flow of this too, especially the sweetness of para 3.

  4. This flies right over the Twilight and Bitten werewolves, makes a pass by Red Riding Hood, and arrives well into Surrealism. I thought it was fantastic.

    You’ve got a strong hand with linking plant imagery to creepiness.

  5. I liked the newborn / flowers singing lullabies imagery here. Although because of the type of person I am, I would have liked it had the bullet not missed – would have ended it with a bang (literally!) 😉

  6. Beautiful imagery here! I particularly like the opening line. The tension builds with each drop of the flower petals, right up to the powerful punch of “She fired.” At that point, I was blown away and thought, Wow, what an impact. I kind of wished the story had ended there. The rest seemed a bit anticlimactic after that. I wonder what she will do now?

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