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Funny Procrastination Image!

What do you do to procrastinate?

I’ve been doing it most of the day.

1) Web Browsing

The web is a giant pile of quick sand. First, I was reading responses to Junot Diaz’s essay on how white the MFA program is. (I was a little shocked at how dismissive some of the comments.) Than I found myself reading other things, like stuff on spring allergies.

2) Candy Crush, and its close cousin: Pet Rescue

This could be worse. I could lose hours and hours playing this instead of only an hour or two. That’s because it comes with five lives, and once those are gone, you have to wait a while to gain more. Though I also have 2048 Puzzle now, so we shall see.

3) YouTube.

Music videos and other stuff.

Then I thought enough is enough. Time to write. There is still time to post a blog post today.

How do you procrastinate?


14 thoughts on “Procrastinate

  1. A combination of Youtube (I watch gaming videos), video games, podcasts and reading.
    When it comes to writing procrastination is further aided by not having deadlines. When I do have deadlines (ie. NaNoWriMo) I am much better at ignoring games, and putting off all the other stuff.

  2. Social media can take up a lot of time! It’s clearly a bad design that the same device can be used for so many other things besides writing. 😉

  3. Same as others – Internet, social media, texting – but I love the way you put it, that the web is quick sand. At times for sure. Sucked in right now, procrastinating BED (g’night Sonia :).

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